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Communications and Dispatch  

SouthernCross Ambulance, Inc. (SCA) currently employs a "toll free" ambulance request telephone line available to its customers 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

The toll free ambulance request telephone number is…


SouthernCross Ambulance also employs additional telephone lines that can be utilized in lou of the 1-800 telephone number listed above to request ambulance services should the 1-800 number fail to function. Alternate contact numbers to request a "SouthernCross" ambulance as well as SCA's administrative telephone numbers are listed below.


Ambulance Requests (800) 469-0911
  (830) 608-0296
  (830) 629-6211
Administrative Office (830) 629-2920
Billing (830) 557-4067
Facsimile (830) 629-0857
Fax (888) 469-0919
Electronic Mail asoutherncross@satx.rr.com

All ambulances are dispatched using only the best and latest technology in the EMS communications industry

The SouthernCross Ambulance Communications Department is located at SCA’s corporate office in New Braunfels, Texas. All incoming ambulance requests as well as the status and disposition of available units are tracked by a “state of the art” CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system. As ambulance requests are received, they are entered into a computer database that records the call origin, destination, nature of transport, as well as unit move times. This information is then made vailable to the on-duty ambulance dispatcher so as to maximize resource utilization.

All ambulances are dispatched using only the best and latest technology in the EMS communications industry. Additional equipment used in dispatching and communicating with ambulances include:

  • Two-way digital NEXTEL Direct Connect radios
  • Digital Cellular telephones
  • VHF two-way radios

Such equipment is essential when dispatching ambulance calls and maintaining constant communications with field personnel, hospitals, healthcare facilities and customers in the service and outlining areas. SouthernCross also maintains Motorola analag telephones for use as a “back-up” means of communication.

Collectively, all communications equipment will allow uninterrupted communication with local and regional hospitals, mutual aid EMS services, law enforcement officials, and fire suppression agencies.

An Innovative Leader In The Ambulance Industry