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Ambulance Fleet  
SouthernCross Ambulance
SouthernCross currently operates a fleet of eleven (11) BLS with MICU capability licensed full-time ambulance units; six (6) MICU licensed full-time ambulance units, and eight (8) reserve units. All ambulances have met the necessary requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Texas Department of Health (TDH) and are licensed to operate at the levels assigned. All ambulances are staffed as either ALS with MICU capability or as MICU units having a minimum of one Texas certified or licensed Paramedic or one EMT-Intermediate and one Emergency Medical Technician-Basic.


Quality and maintenance of vehicles and equipment is as important as that of patient care and system services. SouthernCross maintenance programs are designed and implemented to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the ambulance fleet. All vehicles and equipment are maintained to meet and exceed local, state, and federal regulations. The maintenance performed on the SouthernCross ambulance fleet is of highest quality. This can be attested by the appearance of SouthernCross vehicles and the maintenance records maintained on each unit in service.

SouthernCross Ambulance employs two diesel certified mechanics that specialize in automotive AC, electrical repairs, and general vehicle maintenance to ensure that all in-service ambulances are in good, dependable, and safe working condition. The mechanics perform all routine preventative maintenance on the vehicle fleet in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer and ensure the maintenance program is implemented with the highest degree of professionalism and quality. Furthermore, the mechanics have the necessary equipment and training to identify and correct any and all malfunctioning mechanical and electrical components in a timely fashion thereby ensuring the safe operation of all ambulances in service. SCA fleet maintenance programs also allow for ambulance remounting capabilites. To date, three (3) ambulance remounts have occurred inhouse with many more projected in the years to come.

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